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Infrastructure Cabling

  • Site Survey (Voice & Data)

  • ​Information Transport Systems (ITS) Design

  • ​Fiber Optic Cable Install, Termination, Fusion Splicing & Testing

  • ​Coaxial Cable Install, Termination & Testing

  • ​All CAT-Type Cable Install, Termination & Testing

  • ​Cable Certification & Documentation

  • ​Adds, Moves, Replacements & Repair


Why Choose Us?


Milewire has been providing cellular DAS deployments to most major wireless carriers, as well as some commercial building owners, since 2018. With a history of deploying quality DAS, Milewire Networks values its reputation for DAS deployment. 



Our Commitment


Milewire Networks is committed to providing reliable, cost-efficient, and custom technology solutions for its customers. We do this by hiring employees who are responsive, proactive, results-driven, skilled, professional, and reliable.

Infrastructure Cabling Solutions

Milewire provides Network Cabling Services for both Telecommunication and Security Networks. Also known as Structured Cabling, Infrastructure Cabling or Low Voltage Cabling, these services include the installation, termination, testing, and documentation of various types of network cables essential to network performance.

Importance of

Network Cabling

Two extremely valuable assets of a business, or agency, are the IT & Telecom Networks. The quality and reliability of the networks design, installation, and maintenance are critical to their performance. From data center build-outs & maintenance, to all network cabling requirement in a building or campus, MILEWIRE can provide a custom solution.

The common nature of network infrastructure allows our network cabling staff to support IT, Telecom, Audio-Visual, Security, DAS, Wi-Fi, Nurse Call, Public Address, and numerous other technologies by way of deploying and maintain the following types of cables:

Network Cabling

Telecom & Security Cabling

Infrastructure Cabling
Network Cable

Smart Cabling Solutions

Building Strong Foundations

Fiber Optic Cable
Coax Cable
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