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Milewire Networks offers in-building wireless and smart security solutions for industrial and commercial buildings.

Updated: May 20

Milewire, LLC. (DBA – Milewire Networks) was founded in 2018 as a full-service indoor wireless Integrator. We have extensive experience and expertise in design, installation, maintenance, and performance monitoring for cellular & public safety distributed antenna systems (DAS), infrastructure cabling, video surveillance, and access control. Milewire has successfully deployed and tested inbuilding wireless and video surveillance networks throughout Texas and other states. We have assembled a core team of experts with in-depth knowledge and expertise in cellular DAS, video surveillance, and access control networks. Our in-house SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, enabling them to provide valuable insights and recommendations throughout the deployment process. This combination of in-house expertise and dedicated engineers allows us to deliver tailored solutions that meet our clients' specific requirements.


Milewire's network deployment expertise is not limited to specific markets or clients. We have successfully served various industries and sectors, including but not limited to healthcare, education, hospitality, warehouse, and commercial offices. Our ability to adapt and deliver customized solutions sets us apart from our competitors, making us a trusted partner for clients seeking reliable and efficient network deployment solutions.

Cellular & Public Safety DAS

Public Safety DAS BDA system

Emergency communication wireless infrastructure. Facilitating connection when you need it most.

Emergency communication is vital for public safety professionals who are first on the scene during a crisis. It is critical for first responders to have access to radio communications wherever they are, including inside buildings.

  • Are you in compliance with codes and regulations for public safety DAS?

  • Do you have a distributed antenna system installed strictly for use by first responders?

  • Are you confident you can communicate in your building during an emergency?

Public Safety DAS provides wireless service via an antenna system to ensure that first responders can maintain wireless communications during emergencies. Almost every city and county in the US has enacted local ordinances and codes making in-building coverage for first responders mandatory. Make sure you're building ready for any emergency before disaster strikes with Milewire Networks dedicated public safety DAS team of certified experts.


FirstNet Ready

Milewire Networks engineers design systems to provide an in-building DAS that will meet both the existing public safety communication regulations and allow customers to prepare for future mandates and nationwide network deployments for emergency and disaster preparedness communications.

Among these is the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), a government mandated agency established to implement the deployment and operation of a common nationwide public safety broadband network for local and federal first responders and other public safety personnel. 

Milewire Networks team of professional designers, engineers, project managers and service/installation technicians will work with manufacturing partners to engineer and deliver a Public Safety DAS that not only meets government mandated requirements – but is right for you.

Infrastructure Cabling

CAT6, Fiber Optic, Coaxial Cables

Importance of Network Cabling


Two extremely valuable assets of a business, or agency, are the IT & Telecom Networks. The quality and reliability of the networks design, installation, and maintenance are critical to their performance.


From data center build-outs & maintenance, to all network cabling requirement in a building or campus, MILEWIRE can provide a custom solution.



Infrastructure Cabling


The common nature of network infrastructure allows our network cabling staff to support IT, Telecom, Audio-Visual, Security, DAS, Wi-Fi, Nurse Call, Public Address, and numerous other technologies by way of deploying and maintain the following types of cables:

Infrastructure Cabling solutions


  • Site Survey (Voice & Data)

  • ​Information Transport Systems (ITS) Design

  • ​Fiber Optic Cable Install, Termination, Fusion Splicing & Testing

  • Coaxial Cable Install, Termination & Testing

  • All CAT-Type Cable Install, Termination & Testing

  • Cable Certification & Documentation

  • Adds, Moves, Replacements & Repair

Video Surveillance & Access Control

Cloud Based Video Surveillance




Take a pro-active approach to remote site security.  No power, No internet, No problem! Milewire Networks offers enterprise-scale video surveillance solutions for a wide range of environments. Whether it’s a pole camera, or parking lot trailer cop, we've got you covered.  Milewire can provide fast, reliable coverage for your business or jobsite.  Let us show you how our remote video monitoring services can protect your property. 



Intelligent sensors that monitor audio, entry, motion, and the environment

​​Take your physical security beyond what is visible. Gain real-time actionable insights from smart sensors paired with high-resolution video evidence.  


  • Cloud-managed video surveillance is the new DVR/NVR. Video surveillance solutions based in the cloud have many advantages over on-premise systems.

  • Cloud-based video surveillance solutions is remote access, which allows users to view live or recorded videos from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Data is stored securely in the cloud, thereby eliminating on-site maintenance and upgrades.

  • A cloud-based solution also allows businesses to expand surveillance capabilities as needed thanks to its scalability.​



Monitoring access to your property is crucial to effective security. We have you covered at Milewire Networks. Our access control systems can be integrated into any existing or planned security system. With mobile key apps, guest can easily access buildings using their mobile device as their key card.  No more lost cards, tail gating, replacing lost cards, or tracking ID numbers.

Audio over IP

Audio over IP in Retail

Milewire delivers Network audio solutions powered by Axis communications that put the power of IP to work to help you proactively protect people and property on your premises. You can also use them to create a pleasant environment and optimize your operations.

Easy to install, maintain, scale, and more

Axis network audio systems are easy to install. Powered over Ethernet (PoE) cables connect directly to the network, so you do not need a dedicated audio infrastructure. Each speaker is a complete audio system, so you will need far less equipment - and much less space - than an analog system.  Built-in, pre-calibrated digital signal processors eliminate the need for sound technicians and ensure interference-free sound. They are also easy to adapt and scale, and open standards facilitate integration with other systems.  

Audio over IP in parking lot

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